Frog Tree Games

Cutie Frog Box Vol.1 : Tea Garden Mystery Box - enamel pins, stickers, accessories and more!

Cutie Frog Box is a limited edition, curated, themed mystery box!

Here are some details:

✨ The theme is tea garden! If you like tea, frogs and plants then this is the perfect little collection of pins, stickers and accessories!

✨ Only 60 boxes will be available.

✨ Each box costs $65 CAD and contains over $115 of froggy merch including two super detailed clear enamel pins, three accessories, a sticker sheet and three 3” vinyl stickers!

✨ Most of the merch is exclusive to the box except for one pin, lanyard and the sticker designs! These will be added to the shops in two weeks.

✨ The boxes are ready to go and will ship out by the second week of May!