Hello! My name is Laura!

 I'm the person behind Frog Tree Games! I make the art, design the things and pack them up and send them over to your place. :) I grew up and fell in love with the wood frogs in my backyard and am still sort of bewildered that that love has turned into Frog Tree. Frog Tree actually started as my own board game publishing name - something which I hope to eventually revive alongside more froggy artwork.

If you have any questions or thoughts or feelings to share with me I always check my emails and am usually pretty good about replying to Instagram DMs. If however you want to hear more from me, I'd recommend signing up for my mailing list below and following me over on Instagram!

Come shop Frog Tree in person!

The best part of running a little brand is meeting all you lovely people at markets and expos!

This is my biggest table ever from Animethon 2023! :0