Frog Tree Games

Archey's Frog - EDGE Pin Fundraiser

✨ Proceeds from this pin will be donated to the EDGE of Existence Program! ♥
✨ Each pin comes with a matching vinyl sticker!

🌿 2" hard enamel pin
🌿 Gold plated metal & two posts for stability
🌿 Packaged on oversized backing card with information about EDGE and facts about the species!

I am so excited to take part in a group pin fundraiser for the EDGE of Existence Program! Myself and several amazing artists each designed a pin based on a different endangered focal species. I obviously had to choose a frog. Check out other artist's pins on my instagram post!

"Archey’s frog is the world’s most Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered amphibian species. They have bizarre features such as muscles for tail-wagging, despite not having a tail to wag, and also an abnormally high number of vertebrae. They cannot croak and do not possess ear drums, therefore they communicate by scent instead of sound. The males guard the eggs, and the tailed froglets that hatch crawl onto the father’s back, where they remain for several weeks whilst they develop."

Head here to learn more about Archeys Frog:

> Pin photo by @closeupcollectables on instagram.