Spooky Frogs Vol.2 - 13 Day Halloween Advent Calendar - enamel pins, stickers, stationery and more!

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Count down the days to Halloween with this frog themed 13 day advent calendar! Each day, starting on October 19th, has a small spooky froggy gift envelope for you to open! Here are some more details!!

🐸 Each advent calendar comes in a custom printed box that will be shipped in a recycled poly-mailer to keep it clean so you can reuse it!
🐸 Each calendar contains six enamel pins, three stationery gifts, two art prints and a few special surprises! The total retail value is over $130 CAD.
🐸 Three of the pins are exclusive to this box of which there are 150 available.

Boxes will be shipping out ASAP to give your box the best chance of arriving before October 19th! That being said, the earlier you order the more likely that will be the case and as such I cannot guarantee that they will arrive on time.