Itarium Backpack - terrarium inspired ita bag

Type: Backpacks
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🌱 Inserts are sold separately!

The itarium is a spacious 12x10", made with vegan leather and silver hardware. There is one large interior section and a 4x3" zipper pocket on the back of the bag.
Designed to be the perfect home for all your critter pins, this bag has interchangeable printed inserts to make your bag look like a mossy planted terrarium a freshwater aquarium, and more!
Each bag comes with a shoulder strap and two backpack straps which attach to the loops on the back so you can wear it however you like. Even when you don't feel like wearing it, the itarium makes a great pin display case on your shelf!
The itarium backpack is fairly large and suitable to store small electronic devices, snacks, and anything you might want to carry around! That being said, neither the straps nor the bag should be used to carry heavy weights - treat it more like a purse than a hardy bookbag. Specifically, this bag can carry a Nintendo Switch and an up to 11" iPad.